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"Certainly MicroDicom is the best Dicom Viewer I've tried so far, and I?ve tried all I could find. You really did a fine work here. I'm a neurologist and lately many of my patients come with their NMR or CAT scans in CDs. The viewers included in the CDs are mostly just awful, slow, cumbersome, unintuitive, each one different than the other and with limited functionality. Commercial Viewers are not much better, bloated and cumbersome, besides being expensive.
I wish you the best, many many thanks."
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MicroDicom DICOM viewer

Latest version

Installation package:
MicroDicom viewer 0.9.1 x86 (3.71 MB 2015-06-02)
MicroDicom viewer 0.9.1 x64 (4.17 MB 2015-06-02)

Portable zip package(no installation required):
MicroDicom viewer 0.9.1 x86 zip (4.56 MB 2015-06-02)
MicroDicom viewer 0.9.1 x64 zip (5.21 MB 2015-06-02)

Autorun package for CD/DVD/USB:
MicroDicom viewer 0.9.1 autorun (4.56 MB 2015-06-02)


MicroDicom Shell Extension

Latest version
Universal installation package for x86 and x64:
MicroDicom Shell extension 2.0.0 (1.7 MB 2014-12-24)


Sample DICOM images

You can download some sample DICOM images from here.
BU001015-V01 (13.95 MB)
MR (32.63 MB)
CT (255.02 kB)
chest (3.72 MB)
mammo (3.29 MB)
skull (6.12 MB)

MicroDicom DICOM viewer older versions:


You can download older versions of MicroDicom DICOM viewer here



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