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New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer is available

  • New features:
    Frame tool scrolls between images in series
    Improve search of DICOM images
    Improve export to DICOM images. Now you can export many DICOM files to DICOM
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix typo
    Fix date and time defect
    Fix search DICOM images with Unicode names
    Fix application don't start on Windows server 2008
    Fix crash with opening DICOMDIR files
    Fix slow loading of DICOM tags dialog

New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer is available

  • New features:
    Show/hide patient information in DICOM browser and Patient Tab
    Add 'Open containing folder' in context menu of current image and DICOM browser
    Free hand tool
    Multi touch support - rotate, zoom and pan gesture of DICOM image
    Improve export to video - export to WMV, export annotations and overlay, export to separate video files
    Add folder and add image
    Copy, Delete, Paste annotations
    Improve setup
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix restore orientation
    Fix crash with export to video
    Fix some color DICOM images

New version of MicroDicom shell extension 2.0.0

  • Preview pane
  • view DICOM tags
  • Copy image to clipboard

MicroDicom shell extension video

New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer is available

  • New features:
    Open zip archives with DICOM image
    Display 0002 group in DICOM tag list
    Display sequence items properly
    Show/hide patient information in overlay
    Export multiframe images to DICOM file
    Faster scan for DICOM images
    Support Restart Manager
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix export DICOM image to EMF
    Remember default open type
    Fix distortion of images when make Rotate 90 degrees of non-square images
    Handle large DICOM files in 32 bit version
    Fix image order in series
    Fix crash with export to video

New version of MicroDicom viewer is available

  • New features:
    JPEG 2000 implementation
    Copy to clipboard DICOM tag value
    Drag and Scroll - Improve plane tool
    Save calibration settings
    Starting the viewer with the window maximized in CD/DVD version
    Export images with overlay
    Set accelerators to all commands
    Rearrange menu items
    Improve file association, add open with registry key, add open directory registry key.
    Resource leak fix with drawing.
    Improve export to image - export with overlay, export current view to image, export custom size to image
    Add overlay type to print settings
    Add file prefix to Export to image dialog.
    Implement new Custom Tag Tab in DICOM tag pane
  • Defect fixing:
    Export fails when study/series includes special characters
    Export images fail.
    Export dialog problems
    Export JPEG to DICOM
    Reverse button doesn't loop
    Pixel spacing X and Y order
    Improve CD version settings
    Save show/hide overlay in settings.
    Save Show/Hide annotations in settings
    Fix defect with printing annotations.
    Fix tab order of dialogs.
    Fix defect with updating Angle button.
    Fix Sobel crash and memory leak
    Fix defect with exporting
    Fix some defect in export image dialog.
    Save files with new name if they exist.
    Fix defect with firstly selected image in DICOM browser.
    Change dpi awareness and made all dialog to use proper font. This is for high dpi resolutions.

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User feedback

"That works fantastic. Thanks very much."

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