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New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer is available

  • New features:
    DICOM Structured Reporting support.
    Support Mpeg transfer syntax.
    Support JPEG-LS.
    Rework progress bar and fast scanning.
    Fast export to common image formats.
    Add Text annotation. Also set cursors for other annotation.
    Add Arrow tool.
    Improve calibration: New status bar message that show type of calibration. Can calibrate with right click of distance measurement.
    Add mnemonics to all dialogs.
    Export common format images to clipboard.
    Change version of Shell extension and add x32 extension with x64 installation.
    Make DICOM shell extension UNICODE
    Make CD version configuration.
    Rearrange Help menu
    Add license file to app, setup
    Make default animation target series.
    Change overlay text font to Consolas.
    Update of Help file
    Use new version of OpenJpeg library
    Change and improve manifest files.
    Improvements to graphics engine 

  • Defect fixing:
    Fix issue with Window level combo.
    Fix every time loading of MPEG DICOM files.
    Fix issue with zoomed images from different series.
    Some dialogs resource fix.
    Improve calibration and better viewing 1:1 of a image.
    Fix issue with common image formats.
    Fix hard picking of annotation's handles.
    Fix defect with Jpeg2000 import
    Also some fix for arrow object.
    Fix defect with no modal browse folder.
    Fix several defect that was found with static analyzers
    Fix crash with DICOMDIR files and open DICOMDIR files with images that have full path.
    Make installer to delete whole folder in Program files with files left in it. 
    Remove AcquisitionTime, because making many series,
    Also remove black final frame.
    Proper label of export series 000

User feedback

"Thank you for your very nice software."

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