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New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer is available

  • New features:
    Added Hide area tool.
    Added annotation properties - thickness, color, opacity and name.
    Added annotation properties dialog.
    Added increase and decrease thickness of annotations.
    Added increase and decrease font size of annotations.
    Rework Measure and annotate main menu and context.
    Added ability to select more annotations. Added rectangle select tool.
    Add Show, Show is selected and Name only options for annotation's information box.
    Rework measure and annotate option page.
    Auto scale overlay font size.
    Added Reset button to the Option page. It will reset all to factory settings.
    Added ability to change overlay font type in the Overlay option page.
    Rename animation page to cine page.
    Make drawing of annotations faster.
    Rework overlays.
    Get FPS from DICOM file.
    Added radio button for default and custom FPS to Video export dialog.
    Added FPS slider to the Cine toolbar.
    Added cine source to the Cine toolbar.
    Merge animation and frame toolbar to Cine toolbar.


  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed a defect with selection.
    Fixed an issue with redrawing of active view when switch the view.
    Fixed a defect with non-stopping animation when switch views.
    Fixed a defect non-stopping animation when change source of animation to image.
    Fixed an issues with doesn't fill tag pane when open an image.
    Fixed a crash with switching views.
    Fixed showing zero for time tag, when it doesn't exist.
    Fixed files with unknown EVR.
    Fixed a crash when try to show print preview on encapsulated DICOM file.

User feedback

"Microdicom is really good enough."

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