MicroDicom DICOM Viewer CD/DVD

MicroDicom DICOM Viewer CD/DVD version is a package that users can use to burn DICOM images and this package together on CD/DVD or other external storage. This CD can be used on other computers without installed software for viewing DICOM images. The user inserts the CD and autorun will start MicroDicom which will open DICOM images that are written on the CD. It is used in hospital or vendor of medical equipment.

You can't burn a disk with our software. You have to use other software or burning machine to make CD/DVD with DICOM images and our DICOM viewer.

If you want to distribute DICOM images with CDs, you can buy one license of MicroDicom DICOM Viewer CD/DVD. One license can only be used on a single device that produce DICOM images. You can burn CDs as much as you want.

You can see the quick tutorial how to use CD/DVD version.

This program has no CE mark (EU) or FDA approval (USA) nor any other national or international approval as medical device. It is therefore not to be used for clinical purposes and in any way to affect patient management.


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