By viewing the DICOM tags, you can access additional information that goes beyond what is visually displayed on the image. This metadata provides crucial details about the image, patient demographics, imaging parameters, and other relevant information, enhancing the understanding and analysis of the medical image.
To access the DICOM tags associated with the displayed image, click View menu and DICOM Tags...

You can use Search field to find tags by specific text. It will search in group/element, tag description and value.

Clicking with the right mouse button on the list will show the context menu. 

Copy - copy all fields of the selected tag to the clipboard (Ctrl+C)

Copy All - copy all tags to the clipboard (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C)

Copy Value - copy value of the selected tag to the clipboard

Add to Favorite - add selected tag to the Favorite Tags pane

Use the Export drop down menu to export all DICOM tags to a text file or CSV file.

If you want to edit DICOM tags, read following topic: Edit DICOM tags