Editing DICOM tags requires caution and adherence to the DICOM standard to ensure the integrity and consistency of the data. Modifying DICOM tags without a thorough understanding of the implications can lead to incorrect information and potential harm.

Editing DICOM tags via Patient Information tab in the DICOM Tags pane

Double click with mouse to change the value in the Patient information list. Also, you can show the context menu and click Edit.

After editing of a DICOM tag, you have to confirm the change.

Editing DICOM tags via the DICOM tags dialog

You can edit all DICOM tags in a file when you open the DICOM tags dialog. After opening the DICOM tags dialog, you have to enter in editing mode as clicking button. 
After that you can double click with mouse to change the value, Add a new DICOM tag, Remove a tag.

All changes are shown in red. You can review them, before applying the changes to the file with Apply button.

The changes can be applied on current image only or on all images in current series, study and patient.