Print Preview command (File menu)

Use this command to display the active document as it would appear when printed. When you choose this command, the main window will be replaced with a print preview window in which one or two pages will be displayed in their printed format. The print preview toolbar offers you options to view either one or two pages at a time; move back and forth through the document; zoom in and out of pages; and initiate a print job.

Print Preview toolbar

The print preview toolbar offers you the following options:


Opens the Print dialog box to start a print job.

Portrait and Landscape

Change page orientation


Specifies how many images to be print on a page.

Measure and annotation

You can choose to show or not measurements and annotations.

DICOM frames

Specifies whether to print all DICOM frames.


Specifies what have to be print - current image, images from current series, images from current study or all images from current patient.


Specifies whether images will be print as they are stored or how they are displayed in the view.


Specifies what will be printed on the images - All overlay, Anonymous overlay or Without overlay.


Specifies what will be printed in the header - page number and DICOM information.


Specifies what will be printed in the footer - page number and text.

Next Page

Previews the next printed page.

Prev Page

Previews the previous printed page.

One Page / Two Page

Previews one or two printed pages at a time.

Zoom In

Takes a closer look at the printed page.

Zoom Out

Takes a larger look at the printed page.

Image select Pane

Show/Hide Image select pane

Print setup

Show Print Setup dialog box


Returns from print preview to the editing window.

You can use the Image select pane to choose which image to be printed.