Print command (File menu)

Use this command to print DICOM images. This command presents a Print dialog box, where you may specify the range of pages to be printed, the number of copies, the destination printer, and other printer setup options.

Print dialog box

The following options allow you to specify how the document should be printed:


Displays the active printer and printer connection. Choose the Setup option to change the printer and printer connection.

Print Range

Specifies the pages you want to print:


Prints the entire document.


Prints the currently selected text.


Prints the range of pages you specify in the From and To fields.


Specifies the number of copies you want to print for the above page range.

Print Progress Dialog

The Printing dialog box is shown during the time that MicroDicom is sending output to the printer. The page number indicates the progress of the printing.

To abort printing, choose Cancel.