This is list of changes for each release of MicroDicom DICOM Viewer


  • New features:
    Added overlay that show image orientation.
    Batch anonymize
    Improve Export to DICOM. Now you can export DICOM tags and use JPEG compression.
    Change default value of show annotation in export to DICOM
    Fixed default value for search in sub folders
    New check for update dialog
    Refactoring exporters
    Enable copy to folder for all DICOM objects
    Fixed export to DICOM to be DICOM standard compliant
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed not shown on startup DICOM and TAGS panes
    Fixed an issue with CD/DVD trial version
    Disable check for update in CD/DVD version
    Fixed several defects in option page
    Fixed an issue with layout for licensing information
    Fixed an issue with the installer. MicroDicom is run with non-admin right after finishing installing
    Added excluded DICOM UID.
    Disable Drag&Drop for CD/DVD version


  • New features:
    Added first version of user manual
    Change autorun.inf of CD/DVD version to use scanning by default instead opening of DICOMDIR
    Ability to hide license e-mail and other conditions related with the license
    Save state of DICOM browser when receive DICOM image or refresh it
    Remove DICOM files from scanning that have SOP class Presentation state
    Read RecommendedDisplayFrameRate and CineRate tag values
    Restart animation on image change only if frame time is different
    Rework copy to clipboard
    Added new shortcuts
    Make patient name column smaller in Download from PACS dialog
    Remove disabling of Clear button in Download from PACS
    Added new columns to the Download from PACS dialog
    Rename Plane tool to Scroll tool
    Added ability to load more than one file via Open dialog
    Added ability to drag and drop many DICOM files, folder
    Added ability to edit every annotation regardless which tool is current tool
    Added Ctrl+Click on image in DICOM browser will add the image in the split view
    Added shortcut to:
    View first/last patient(Home, End)
    View before/after 10 images(Page up, Page Down)
    View next/previous series(left, right arrow)
    Added ability to go to the next/previous series, next/previous patient
    Added new shortcut mouse function
    Added implementation for middle button, back and forward buttons and horizontal wheel
    Made measurement in US images to work. Now MicroDicom read all US calibration regions
    Added zoom and pan to the mouse cursor
    Added settings to control what will be shown in title of the application
    Enter key in editbox will start search of Download from PACS dialog
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed a typo in the EULA
    Fixed an issue with Favorite tag pane. Now if a DICOM tag exist on more than one place in a DICOM file, all values will be shown
    Fixed an issue with next/prev image, series, patient
    Fixed an issue with not applying FPS written in the file
    Fixed regression with resize annotation with holding Shift or Ctrl button
    Fixed a crash when use split view and delete image that is shown in many child windows of the split view
    Fixed a crash when open images with split view visible
    Fixed an issue with downloading from PACS via dialog and DICOM tags pane don't update with new information about patient name, etc
    Fixed an issue with showing last image in study when download from PACS. Now it will show first image.
    Fixed wrong .dcm file icon when MicroDicom is registered to open by default .dcm files. It is regression from MDI to SDI
    New way to fix issue with no instance number when load images from DICOMDIR file
    Fixed an issue with ordering images in series, when files are loaded with DICOMDIR file
    Fixed an issue with truncated long names on title bar
    Fixed an issue with starting server in CD/DVD version


  • New features:
    Added Send to PACS
    Added Accept Receiving Studies
    Added remove command to remove all patient from DICOM browser.
    Show error message if server can be started on running of application.
    Rework progress dialog and add status for sending images to PACS.
    Change the icons for add and remove images from DICOM browser.
    Added Remove button to the DICOM browser's toolbar.
    Added ability to remove image from DICOM browser.
    Rework DicomRequest hierarchy
    Made MicroDicom SDI instead of MDI
    Rework creating sub-folder on export. Added option to control the names of created folders.
    Added option to use original/generated files name on export.
    Exporters: Generate names of exported files.
    Select file in File Explorer after export, if the export produces single file only.
    Don't create folder if there are nothing for export, when export DICOM to JPEG
    Added ability to export only current frame/plane when export multiframe DICOM image to DICOM.
    Added ability to show multi value tags in Overlay.
    Added Open File Explorer after export checkbox in export dialogs.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed a regression with copy to clipboard.
    Fixed a regression related with finding patient in DICOM browser.
    Fixed an issue with wrong title of application.
    Fixed a crash in DICOM browser.
    Fixed an issue with searching specific modalities in a PACS server.
    Fixed an issue when open SR on first open.
    Fixed an issue with calibration. Also saved calibration from setting are applied only in the calibration dialog.
    hase1: - UI and backend without error handling.
    Fixed an issue with selection many times with the new UI of DICOM browser.
    Fixed a crash when delete image and the next selected file is SR.
    Fixed a gray static text on print preview toolbar.
    Fixed a crash when failed to open document and we have already opened document.
    Fixed C-ECHO failing to MicroDciom.
    Use releaseAssociation of the scu.
    Fixed an issue with charset. Many DICOM files are with wrong constructed Specific charset value. We already handle these case.
    Fixed small issue with DICOM dialog layout.
    Fixed an issue with default setting value.
    Rework loading of settings.
    Fixed showing image that have different pixel spacing for row and column. We have to apply pixel spacing to width and height of an image.
    Fixed a defect with date view in DICOM browser.


  • New features:
    Added Cobb angle measurement
    Added open and closed curve measurement
    Rename Custom Tags to Favorite Tags
    Rework DICOM tags dialog and fixed several defects
    Add ability to move an annotation when point information text
    Added ability to move information box of an annotation
    Added macOS wine package
    Make faster calculation of object with area
    Change inverse to invert
    Select first annotation in image after deleting an annotation
    Stopping support for Windows XP
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed defect with not hidding context menu in DICOM browser pane and DICOM tags pane
    Fixed and issue with opening SR file
    Fixed a crash in select tool
    Remove smart docking of panes. There was a bug that they stuck on the screen
    Fixed an issue with license quantity information
    Fixed an issue with negative standard deviation
    Fixed a crash with duplication curve in other images in a series
    Fixed an issue with dockin panes
    Fixed a crash under Window 7 with one core


  • New features:
    Major update in DICOM library
    Support new DICOM attributes which were introduced recently
    Performance improvements
    Stability improvements
    Initial error handling for download from PACS server
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed an issue with string encoding
    Fixed an issue with empty PACS storage folder


  • New features:
    Refinement of PACS option dialog
    Added ability to add same DICOM server with different AEtitle
    Performance improvements
    Stability improvements
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed several crashes


  • New features:
    Rework settings. Now settings are saved in one file - settings.xml.
    Added default zoom setting.
    Added export to txt/.csv of search result in Download from DICOM server dialog.
    Added "Copy to clipboard" to the Download from DICOM server.
    Added ability to open password protected zip files.
    Added code signing certificate.
    Added folder path to settings where to store downloaded images from DICOM server.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed an error in settings xml files.
    Fixed an issue with reset settings.
    Fixed a crash in settings.
    Fixed several defect with loading and saving settings.
    Fixed a defect with in Download DICOM server dialog related with "Search all studies of this patient".


  • New features:
    Added folder to setting where to store downloaded images from DICOM server.
    Added ability to remove check for update menu item. Also remove check for update menu item from CD/DVD version.
    Added standard derivation, mean, median, minimum, maximum, sum of rectangle and ellipse measurements.
    Added ability to change the units of measurement tools - millimeters, centimeters and inches.
    Added ability to get measurement system from the OS.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed an issue with exporting DICOM to common images.
    Fixed an issue with saving settings in "Download from DICOM server" dialog.
    Fixed an issue with applying Inverse to all images in current series.


  • New features:
    Added ability to remove check for update menu item. Also remove check for update menu item from CD/DVD version.
    Remove shadow of the menus.
    Added search in DICOM tags dialog and DICOM tags panes.
    Added sort by date in DICOM browser.
    Added option for showing patient ID or patient name in DICOM browser.
    Added hiding levels in DICOM browser.
    Added ability to search in DICOM browser by studies, series and images keywords.
    Added new option icon in application.
    Changed run.bat file for CD/DVD version.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed caption of export to image and export to video dialog.
    Fixed an issue with save default windowing in the setting file.


  • New features:
    Add default windowing option when open an image 
  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed an issue with not enabled apply button after a change in PACS option page.
    Add missing mnemonics in all dialogs.
    Fixed regression with changes in Windowing manager.
    Fixed an issue with reset button in Option dialog.
    Fixed selection in window/level page and DICOM server page.
    Fixed several bug in Windowing engine.


  • New features:
    Added Hide area tool.
    Added annotation properties - thickness, color, opacity and name.
    Added annotation properties dialog.
    Added increase and decrease thickness of annotations.
    Added increase and decrease font size of annotations.
    Rework Measure and annotate main menu and context.
    Added ability to select more annotations. Added rectangle select tool.
    Add Show, Show is selected and Name only options for annotation's information box.
    Rework measure and annotate option page.
    Auto scale overlay font size.
    Added Reset button to the Option page. It will reset all to factory settings.
    Added ability to change overlay font type in the Overlay option page.
    Rename animation page to cine page.
    Make drawing of annotations faster.
    Rework overlays.
    Get FPS from DICOM file.
    Added radio button for default and custom FPS to Video export dialog.
    Added FPS slider to the Cine toolbar.
    Added cine source to the Cine toolbar.
    Merge animation and frame toolbar to Cine toolbar.

  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed a defect with selection.
    Fixed an issue with redrawing of active view when switch the view.
    Fixed a defect with non-stopping animation when switch views.
    Fixed a defect non-stopping animation when change source of animation to image.
    Fixed an issues with doesn't fill tag pane when open an image.
    Fixed a crash with switching views.
    Fixed showing zero for time tag, when it doesn't exist.
    Fixed files with unknown EVR.
    Fixed a crash when try to show print preview on encapsulated DICOM file.


  • New features:
    Added split screen for comparing several DICOM images
    Reworked the Shape toolbar
    Added way to update license information via About dialog and License information dialog.
    Performance improvements
    Added new icons
    Added ability to reset current application settings to factory settings with pressing and hold F7 button while starting the application
    Changed "Open" button on main toolbar
    Extended the CD/DVD version.

  • Defect fixing:
    Forbid to create empty metric and annotation objects


  • New features:
    Add ability to apply Window Width and Window Level to RGB images.
    Add ability to change window width and window level of common image(jpg, png, gif, tiff)
    Performance improvements
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix a issue with opening JPEG2000 multiframe images.


  • New features:
    Search and retrieve images from PACS servers
    Add ability to exclude images from printing in Print preview
    SR files improvements - can be open and if they contain errors.
    Rework about dialog
    Rework options dialog
    Rework calibration dialog
    Rework Image size dialog
    Rework iteration and windowing dialogs
    Rework export dialogs
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix a issue with SR document encoding.
    Fixing a print preview issues. Annotation text doens't display in print preview. Also fix issue with bigger text after printing.
    Fix issue with duplicate annotation to other frame of multiframe DICOM image


  • Defect fixing:
    Fix minor issue in licensing manager


  • New features:
    Rework saving user data in the application folders
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix frame tool issue


  • New features:
    Improve JPEG2000
    Save value for manually calibration in the XML.
    Add an annotation to every frame in a multi frame DICOM image
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix an issue with loading DICOMDIR files
    Fix a crash with applying filters
    Fix an issue with slider in Export to image and video dialogs


  • New features:
    New progress dialog when scan and load DICOM files
    New progress dialog when export
    Add export DICOM file to text file and CSV file.
    Add button to export in DICOM tags dialog.
    Add Copy value to the context menu in DICOM tags dialog
    Add Copy All to the context menu of the DICOM tags dialog
    Rework UNICODE functions for better handling of multi language property in DICOM images
    Ctrl+A now works in the DICOM tags dialog
    Add Copy to Folder
    Add Copy To Folder to context menu
    Help improvement
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix an issue with copy to clipboard
    Fix an issue with adding custom tag
    Disable Export to video when current image is not a DICOM file


  • New features:
    Add support for encapsulated PDF.
    Print all images of current series.
    Improved print preview.
    Update the EULA.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix a crash with JPEG200 DICOM files


  • New features:
    Export common format images to clipboard.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix issue with Window level combo.
    Fix every time loading of MPEG DICOM files.
    Fix issue with zoomed images from different series.
    Some dialogs resource fix.
    Improve calibration and better viewing 1:1 of a image.
    Fix issue with common image formats.


  • New features:
    Support JPEG-LS.
    Improve calibration: New status bar message that show type of calibration. Can calibrate with right click of distance measurement.
    Add mnemonics to all dialogs.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix defects with exporters.
    Preserve position and size of annotations when user make flip and rotation of a image.
    Enable/Disable restore button.


  • New features:
    Fast export to common image formats.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix hard picking of annotation's handles.


  • New features:
    Rework progress bar and fast scanning.
    Support MPEG transfer syntax.


  • New features:
    Change version of Shell extension and add x32 extension with x64 installation.
    Make DICOM shell extension UNICODE 


  • New features:
    Make CD version configuration.
    Exhange build system.
  • Defect fixing:
    Add exportDicom.xml setting file for export to DICOM images


  • New features:
    Remove donation menu item. Add Online store menu item.
    Rearrange Help menu
    Add license file to app, setups
    Add registration dialog to help menu
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix defect with Jpeg2000 import
    Also some fix for arrow object.


  • New features:
    Make default animation target series.
    Change overlay text font to Consolas.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix defect with text Tool


  • New features:
    Add DICOM Structured Reporting support.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix defect with no modal browse folder.
    Fix several defect that was found with static analyzers


  • New features:
    Add Text annotation. Also set cursors for other annotation.
    Add Arrow tool.
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix crash with DICOMDIR files and open DICOMDIR files with images that have full path.
    Make installer to delete whole folder in Program files with files left in it. 


  • New features:
    Update of Help file
    Use new version of OpenJpeg library
    Change and improve manifest files.
    Improvements to graphics engine
  • Defect fixing:
    Remove AcquisitionTime, because making many series,
    Also remove black final frame.
    Proper label of export series 000


  • New features:
    Frame tool scrolls between images in series
    Improve search of DICOM images
    Improve export to DICOM images. Now you can export many DICOM files to DICOM
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix typo errors
    Fix date and time defect
    Fix search DICOM images with Unicode names
    Fix application don't start on Windows server 2008
    Fix crash with opening DICOMDIR files
    Fix slow loading of DICOM tags dialog


  • New features:
    Show/hide patient information in DICOM browser and Patient Tab
    Add 'Open containing folder' in context menu of current image and DICOM browser
    Free hand tool
    Multi touch support - rotate, zoom and pan gesture of DICOM image
    Improve export to video - export to WMV, export annotations and overlay, export to separate video files
    Add folder and add image
    Copy, Delete, Paste annotations
    Improve setup
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix restore orientation
    Fix crash with export to video
    Fix some color DICOM images


  • New features:
    Open zip archives with DICOM image
    Display 0002 group in DICOM tag list
    Display sequence items properly
    Show/hide patient information in overlay
    Export multiframe images to DICOM file
    Faster scan for DICOM images
    Support Restart Manager
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix export DICOM image to EMF
    Remember default open type
    Fix distortion of images when make Rotate 90 degrees of non-square images
    Handle large DICOM files in 32 bit version
    Fix image order in series
    Fix crash with export to video


  • New features:
    JPEG 2000 compression
    Copy to clipboard DICOM tag value
    Drag and Scroll - Improve plane tool
    Save calibration settings
    Starting the viewer with the window maximized in CD/DVD version
    Export images with overlay
    Set accelerators to all commands
    Rearrange menu items
    Improve file association, add open with registry key, add open directory registry key.
    Resource leak fix with drawing.
    Improve export to image - export with overlay, export current view to image, export custom size to image
    Add overlay type to print settings
    Add file prefix to Export to image dialog.
    Implement new Custom Tag Tab in DICOM tag pane
  • Defect fixing:
    Export fails when study/series includes special characters
    Export images fail.
    Export dialog problems
    Export JPEG to DICOM
    Reverse button doesn't loop
    Pixel spacing X and Y order
    Improve CD version settings
    Save show/hide overlay in settings.
    Save Show/Hide annotations in settings
    Fix defect with printing annotations.
    Fix tab order of dialogs.
    Fix defect with updating Angle button.
    Fix Sobel crash and memory leak
    Fix defect with exporting
    Fix some defect in export image dialog.
    Save files with new name if they exist.
    Fix defect with firstly selected image in DICOM browser.
    Change DPI awareness and made all dialog to use proper font. This is for high DPI resolutions.


  • New features:
    All settings in XML files
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix save calibration settings
    Fix CD/DVD version settings


  • New features:
    Open CD/DVD
    DICOM tags pane
    New DICOM tags dialog
    Load overlay tags from XML
    Remove unused items from menu and toolbars
    New look of Standard toolbar
  • Defect fixing:
    Fix Restore orientation
    Fix updates of menu item


  • New features:
    Save print options
    Print overlay and annotation
    Overlay options
    Open folder after picture and video export.
    Add refresh button in DICOM browser
    Save overlay setting
  • Defect fixing:
    Crash with SR on Windows XP
    Fix defect with exporting DICOM images. Images was distorted
    Add missing tooltip



  • New features:
    Measure&Annotate options
    Overlay options
  • Defect fixing:
    Option to change text's color of measurements
    Nagging about default viewer


  • Defect fixing:
    Cd version problem
    Order images in series
    Window/Level must change on all series
    Export dialog must last selected settings
    Save cine options


  • Angle metric
  • UI bugs
  • Few other bugs


  • UI bugs
  • Distance metric
  • Rectangle metric
  • Ellipse metric
  • Calibration


  • Fix Installer problem
  • Options dialog bugs
  • Open/Save dialog fix
  • Animation bugs fixed
  • Added new menu item - Open DICOMDIR files
  • UI bugs


  • New version of DICOM toolkit
  • AVI compression dialog
  • Few bugs


  • Fix problem with DICOM browser pane


  • Build for x64 platform
  • Fix export patient to picture bug


  • Print support
  • Fix some bugs


  • Fix bug with default encoding
  • Fix menu bugs


  • Fix installation
  • Fix mess with exe and dll-s


  • Silent installation


  • Fix bug with opening DICOMDIR
  • Fix bug in DICOM tags dialog


  • New UI engine
  • Some new icons
  • Some bugs are fixed


  • first version of DICOM viewer

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