Failure to open a large set of data

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Failure to open a large set of data

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I'm posting from a UK community healthcare NHS trust, we are not a radiology dept and do not have access to a PACS unfortunately.

We have 6 portable ultrasound machines in daily use for Musculoskeletal and Gynae clinic use. Used to aid diagnosis, guide injections etc.

We have an issue where all data is stored locally on the machines. 3 of them are being replaced so we have exported all data from the machines and this gives us a file directory for each machine thus. We want to move away from the patient data only being stored locally on the machines.

GEMS_DB (folder)
GEMS_IMG (folder)
GEMS_PAT (folder)

The overall size for one if the machines exports is just over 40GB.

When I try and open the DICOMDIR file in MicroDicom it opens and starts to work but the progress bar stops after a little while then the program crashes.

Can someone advise if we are doing something wrong with the software? using the wrong tool for the job? or something else?

Moving forward we are going to suggest the clinics do monthly exports and the smaller volume of data will be managed by the viewer.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Failure to open a large set of data

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I have questions:
- Do you use scan of folder or just open a DICOMDIR file
- how much is big the DICOMDIR file? Could you share with us only the DICOMDIR file.

The data is quite bigger and we don't have such big dataset to investigate the issue.
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