Measuring bone size respectively image size

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Measuring bone size respectively image size

Post by heffer888 »

I'm new to this board and have a problem.
I want to perform a virtual implantation of an intramedullary nail but not in a 3D-model of the bone but in one x-ray image. So it's more like a 2D implantation. But to do this, I need to know the size of the bone of the person in mm. Is it possible to get this information?
Because when I measure it with MicroDicom, I get over 1000 mm which is way too big.
Maybe there is a way to calculate the length and height of the picture with the pixels. But I don't know if the x-ray image mirrors the actual size of the body ...
Thank you very much for your help!!

Best regards heffer

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Re: Measuring bone size respectively image size

Post by simeon »

DICOM image can contain tag(0x0028, 0x0030) - pixel spacing. If image contain this tag, MicroDicom will make right measurement. But if this tag is not written, then MicroDicom will not know the right spacing. Then application have to be calibrated.
Use Tools/Measure and annotate/Calibration.

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