Printing problem

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Printing problem

Post by khamees79 »


We are using MicroDicom free viewer on clients that run Remote Desktop.
When the users open a file using the viewer it shows nice, and when printing, only a part of the photo appears on the A4 paper.

I checked the printer settings everything looks good, even if we open the same file with Microsoft photo gallery, it prints very well.
Any tips that can help me solve the issue?

Kind regards
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Re: Printing problem

Post by microdicom »

Can you provide me the image that you want to print.
Please send me over e-mail.
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Re: Printing problem

Post by teleworm »

I am looking for the same information because I have also an Epson printer and I have an issue with my printer whenever I going for print in A4 size paper then it shows me an error that is Epson Error Code 0xEA and I don't know what should I do for this give any suggestion for me.
Regarding this i already visit a website that is:-
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