Conversion image size problems

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Conversion image size problems

Post by beast616 »

Hi. Brand new user. Recently installed microdicom to batch convert hundreds of MRI images to JPEGS to use them individually in education tools. I managed to convert the files fine (I think), and they all saved where I told it to and even in the subfolders as per the option. However every single image is only 245px by 245px (ish). This is far far far too small to be of any use, and considering in a clinical setting the images are around the 1025px mark to be crisp, clear and easy to identify structures, I don't understand how they can be so small here.

Am I missing something, or doing something wrong. Or is this particular dicom not actually designed to convert MRI images to files of the original size?

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Re: Conversion image size problems

Post by simeon »

I think I answer you over e-mail.
I will say it again.

When you convert MRI images to JPEG, it convert with actual resolution of MRI images.
For example If MRI image is with 640x480 then MicroDicom will convert it to JPEG format with 640x480 resolution.
If you have problem with MRI image, please send me to test it.

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Re: Conversion image size problems

Post by angleblue63 »

I was wondering to know if it's posible to change the signal constrast (based on the gradient) or simply the colorscale from Dicom images.
My sequend question is if there is a Do/Undo functions.
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Re: Conversion image size problems

Post by valary »

Sorry it is not possible to change signal contrast for now and there aren't do/undo. Do and Undo will be implemented soon.

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