A Problem

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A Problem

Post by tonyjeffs »

Your program MicroDicom is excellent.

... but permit me to be impolite and mention some problems I have had.

File>Save As...
Does not work -

On the scan I am looking st, there is a folder 'No Series Description'.
If I click on this, I get the messzge box
"Error: Cannot load DICOM image. (Missing Attribute)"
This can be removed by clicking 'OK',
...but the same error message appears when the next image below is clicked. This is a big problem. If I click 'OK', it will re-appear instantly and cannot be dismissed. The program cannot be rescued, and the only solution is to press 'control, alt, delete' and start again.
Is there a way around this? Perhaps even somehow disable the problem image before opening MicroDicom.

Many thanks for you excellent software,

Tony Jeffs
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Re: A Problem

Post by microdicom »

Hi. Thanks for problem reports.
I will upload new version soon(two weeks).
There are many bugs fixed.
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