How to debug file open errors?

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How to debug file open errors?

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I'm struggling with MicroDicom is failing to open certain DICOM SR files. It just shows a "Could not open file" pop-up dialog with no further information about the underlying problem.

The problematic DICOM SR files in question contain measurements with (0040,A160), UT, "Text Value" attributes in conjunction with modifiers. I'm not sure if the root-cause is invalid SR content or a MicroDicom limitation. Regardless, it would be very useful if MicroDicom could give some feedback on _why_ it's unable to open the file.
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Re: How to debug file open errors?

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Thanks for suggestion. We will rework this part and will start to return meaningful error messages.
Meanwhile you can send us this file and we will able to tell you more why we fail to open it.
Please send it to
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