Problem with GE Lightspeed DICOM data

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Problem with GE Lightspeed DICOM data

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Firstly, let me congratulate on the excellent utility MicroDicom.

MicroDicom 0.7.6 Build 3228 can open the data sets from a GE Lightspeed CT system but the images within a series are displayed out of sequence. I am not a DICOM expert, so I apologize if I misuse DICOM terminology in the following explanation.

The Lightspeed data is stored in a specific format: A folder consists of EITHER 1 to 26 folders labelled 'A' to 'Z' in series OR 1 to 26 DICOM data files labelled 'Z00' to 'Z25' in sequence. The catch is that adjacent data files - e.g. A/A/B/Z18, A/A/B/Z19 and A/A/B/Z20 - are not necessarily sequential or even from the same series. It is possible for Z18 and Z20 to be from the same series and Z19 to be from another series. Moreover, Z20 may appear before Z18. Thus a simple display of images based on the assumption of sequential folder/file names will display images out of sequence.

Each Lightspeed DICOM image file is displayed correctly so the format is understood by MicroDicom. Each file contains DICOM parameters (I am not sure about correct terminology here) 'Series Number' code 0020,0011 and 'Instance Number' code 0020,0013 which indicate the correct sequence for the DICOM images.

In order to display Lightspeed CT data correctly, MicroDicom has to open each data file, look for the two parameters 'Series Number' and 'Instance Number' which should be used to allocate the given image file to the correct position in the correct series.
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Re: Problem with GE Lightspeed DICOM data

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Thanks for defect.
It is logged in defect database and will be fixed.
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