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Rotating image

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I tried MicroDICOM 0.7.6 today, and apparently when I rotated an image (Rotate 90 Left/Rotate 90 Right) the image proportions did not rotate which really distorted the proportions of the image that I was looking at.

When I went to the image size dialog to correct the proportions, constrain proportions was preselected, but it really did not constrain proportions (at least not to the original proportions of the image). If I changed width the height became 0, and if I changed height then width became the same as height.

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Re: Rotating image

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Thanks that you reporting this problem. Can you send sample images to test it?
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Re: Rotating image

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im having the same problem on chest xrays
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Re: Rotating image

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Can you send me sample images to test the problem?

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