DICOM database and monitor service

Suggestions for MicroDicom viewer
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DICOM database and monitor service

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I love this Dicom viewer, it is one of the best softwares i know for Dicom, just because is so simple and efective. However there is only two things missing in my opinion. One of them is the DICOM Print.
Beeing able to print the DICOM files in a DryPix2000 for instance.

The other one is a Tool to search a large amount of files to access the images more quickly by building a database of every Dicom file in a particular folder. And this database when used with a windows service to monitor the folder to continuously feed the database information according to the folder it monitors would be abble to turn this already great software into a PACS (it would be done by monitoring the folder on the network that has all the files from the console). Other thing would be a database viewer to filter the database by patient name, ID, age, study date, classify by time etc.

Tell me if can be done. Thank you for all your hard work! :D
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Re: DICOM database and monitor service

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Thanks for suggestions. I will think over it.
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