Worklist UID problem

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Worklist UID problem

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Hi All - I'm new to this site, but hope someone (with greater knowledge that mine) can assist with a problem that is causing us grief !!

We have a RIS sending out a Study Instance UID's with leading 0's on the 6th element. These leading 0's are not being recognised by the modality, resulting in errors and the Worklist not populating.

9.1 UID Encoding Rules states:

The DICOM UID encoding rules are defined as follows:
Each component of a UID is a number and shall consist of one or more digits. The first digit of each component shall not be zero unless the component is a single digit.

Registration authorities may distribute components with non-significant leading zeroes. The leading zeroes should be ignored when being encoded (i.e.,"00029" would be encoded "29").


Who is the "Registration Authority" and who encodes the data as per NEMA 9.1 UID Encoding Rules ?

In layman terms, who should be getting rid of the leading zero's; the RIS or the modality ?

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