script to copy DICOM files from disc

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script to copy DICOM files from disc

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I am trying to write a script to search for and copy DICOM files and DICOMDIR from a disc. I love using MicroDicom, and like the /scan function in command line to search for DICOM files in a directory (since the DIOCM files are not always in the same directory on a disc). I know which files to copy when I receive a disc, but other at my work are not very computer savvy, and I would like to set up something which scans the disc and copies the files to a directory. Any suggestions? I would like to use the /scan function but cannot figure out how to code the extract process.

If nothing else I can use MicroDicom to help them identify the DICOM files, then have them use the GUI to extract all files into a directory, but I wanted to limit user error and make life easier.

appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

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Re: script to copy DICOM files from disc

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There is a new feature in latest version 2.2.5 - 'Copy to Folder'.
When you open all images from a CD in MicroDicom viewer you can use 'File menu/Copy to Folder menu' to copy images from CD to a folder on your hard drive.
Does it help you?
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