Sending studies in emergencies; packaging the viewer

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Sending studies in emergencies; packaging the viewer

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Hi All,

I'm looking for the easiest way to share zipped or compressed studies via OneDrive?

We universally use the IEP to transfer studies between hospitals. 99% of the time this works great, but we have no backup plan. (We've literally printed CDs in 2020 and put them in a Taxi!!)

Fortunately with new upgrades we are able to utilize One drive accounts and provide links to other members to share files securely. So I can easily share a zipped study to someone.

It's great that MicroDicom can open compressed studies without having to extract first. but I'm wondering if I could somehow package the viewer to include with the study? I'd really like a one-click solution where they click on file or icon and it opens the study up in the viewer? Of course I'm sure they'd have to download first from Onedrive, but I'm hoping for a why they can click and install the viewer and see the study without multiple steps. Like how the inbuilt CD viewer work.

We would only use this in desperate situations and when people don't have time to install programs ofigure out if they needs 32 or 64 bit versions. etc...

Or is there another online type of viewer that may somehow do this?

I'd love it in these emergency situations if we could just a temporary log in to our PACS and have clinicians view the studies directly. I'ts mostly pointless to actually send every single HD image of a study, but that's the way it's done now. Sometimes we frantic doctors in our A & E trying to send studies to another hospital to get a clinical decision, literally with someone's life on the line. Waiting in the IEP queue is just not adequate for these situations, and just not where we should be in 2020 .

Appreciate your thoughts? As it happens I really love the viewer. I've been able to open studies our PACS can't. With some CD study imports our PACS can't find or read the files. But I've been able to open them in MicroDicom and just export them to a new folder which seems to tag them better or puts them in a format our system does find and accept. I'm not sure why it works but I'm very happy that it does!
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