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Entering serial number via UI

1. Start MicroDicom viewer.

2. Select Help menu and Registration... menu item.
MicroDicom help menu

3. In the following dialog just paste your name, email and serial number that you received after payment.

  • The serial number and email are case sensitive!
  • Please do not share your key with others!

MicroDicom registration dialog

4. Close application and start it again.

5. Now you have full licensed version of MicroDicom. 


Entering serial number via command line

mDicom.exe /SerialNumber <serial number> /LicenseName <name> /LicenseEmail <email>

for example:

mDicom.exe /SerialNumber XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX /LicenseName "John Smith" /LicenseEmail

User feedback

"I love the software."

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