1. Download "Autorun package for CD/DVD/USB". It is a zip file that contain version for CDs and DVDs.
  2. Extract zip file. It contains:
    • Win32 directory
    • x64 directory
    • licenses directory
    • settings directory
    • autorun.inf
    • readme.txt
    • run.bat
  3. You will see in autorun.inf that you can use "mdicom.exe DICOMDIR". It will open DICOMDIR file and will display DICOM files on start up. In this situation DICOMDIR file must be placed in root of CD. If you place DICOMDIR file on other location on CD, you must edit autorun.inf file with path to DICOMDIR file:
    mdicom.exe <path_to_DICOMDIR_file>
    Also you can use : " mDicom.exe /scan <path>". It will scan for DICOM files.
  4. Copy content of zip file and your DICOM files to CD/DVD. Note that content of zip file must be in root of CD/DVD.
  5. Enjoy.

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