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"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful software. It is very helpful and well done."

MicroDicom DICOM viewer is fully Windows 11 compatible. Enjoy.

MicroDicom DICOM viewer run on Windows 11

New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer 3.9.5 is available.

  • New features:
    Added Cobb angle measurement
    Added open and closed curve measurement
    Rename Custom Tags to Favorite Tags
    Rework DICOM tags dialog and fixed several defects
    Add ability to move an annotation when point information text
    Added ability to move information box of an annotation
    Added macOS wine package
    Make faster calculation of object with area
    Change inverse to invert
    Select first annotation in image after deleting an annotation
    Stopping support for Windows XP

  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed defect with not hidding context menu in DICOM browser pane and DICOM tags pane
    Fixed and issue with opening SR file
    Fixed a crash in select tool
    Remove smart docking of panes. There was a bug that they stuck on the screen
    Fixed an issue with license quantity information
    Fixed an issue with negative standard deviation
    Fixed a crash with duplication curve in other images in a series
    Fixed an issue with dockin panes
    Fixed a crash under Window 7 with one core

New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer 3.7.7 is available.

  • New features:
    Refinement of PACS option dialog
    Added ability to add same DICOM server with different AEtitle
    Performance improvements
    Stability improvements

  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed several crashes

New version of MicroDicom shell extension 3.0.0 is available.

New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer 3.4.7 is available.

  • New features:
    Rework settings. Now settings are saved in one file - settings.xml.
    Added default zoom setting.
    Added export to txt/.csv of search result in Download from DICOM server dialog.
    Added "Copy to clipboard" to the Download from DICOM server.
    Added ability to open password protected zip files.
    Added code signing certificate.
    Added folder path to settings where to store downloaded images from DICOM server.

  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed an error in settings xml files.
    Fixed an issue with reset settings.
    Fixed a crash in settings.
    Fixed several defect with loading and saving settings.
    Fixed a defect with in Download DICOM server dialog related with "Search all studies of this patient".

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User feedback

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful software. It is very helpful and well done."

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