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"Good luck with development of this very useful app.Thanks for providing and keeping this great software and again, good luck with development of the future versions."

New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer 2022.2 is available.

  • New features:
    Added overlay that show image orientation.
    Batch anonymize
    Improve Export to DICOM. Now you can export DICOM tags and use JPEG compression.
    Change default value of show annotation in export to DICOM
    Fixed default value for search in sub folders
    New check for update dialog
    Refactoring exporters
    Enable copy to folder for all dicom objects
    Fixed export to DICOM to be DICOM standard compliant

  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed not shown on startup DICOM and TAGS panes
    Fixed an issue with CD/DVD trial version
    Disable check for update in CD/DVD version
    Fixed several defects in option page
    Fixed an issue with layout for licensing information
    Fixed an issue with the installer. MicroDicom is run with non-admin right after finishing installing
    Added excluded DICOM UID.
    Disable Drag & Drop for CD/DVD version

View your licenses, purchase Maintenance renewal and see download links for older version that you can use.
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New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer 2022.1 is available.

  • New features:
    Added first version of user manual
    Change autorun.inf of CD/DVD version to use scanning by default instead opening of DICOMDIR
    Ability to hide license e-mail and other conditions related with the license
    Save state of DICOM browser when receive DICOM image or refresh it
    Remove DICOM files from scanning that have SOP class Presentation state
    Read RecommendedDisplayFrameRate and CineRate tag values
    Restart animation on image change only if frame time is different
    Rework copy to clipboard
    Added new shortcuts
    Make patient name column smaller in Download from PACS dialog
    Remove disabling of Clear button in Download from PACS
    Added new columns to the Download from PACS dialog
    Rename Plane tool to Scroll tool
    Added ability to load more than one file via Open dialog
    Added ability to drag and drop many DICOM files, folder
    Added ability to edit every annotation regardless which tool is current tool
    Added Ctrl+Click on image in DICOM browser will add the image in the split view
    Added shortcut to:
    View first/last patient (Home, End)
    View before/after 10 images (Page up, Page Down)
    View next/previous series (left, right arrow)
    Added ability to go to the next/previous series, next/previous patient
    Added new shortcut mouse function
    Added implementation for middle button, back and forward buttons and horizontal wheel
    Made measurement in US images to work. Now MicroDicom read all US calibration regions
    Added zoom and pan to the mouse cursor
    Added settings to control what will be shown in the title of the application.
    Enter key in edit box will start search of Download from PACS dialog

  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed a typo in the EULA
    Fixed an issue with Favorite tag pane. Now if a DICOM tag exists on more than one place in a DICOM file, all values will be shown
    Fixed an issue with next/prev image, series, patient
    Fixed an issue with not applying FPS written in the file
    Fixed regression with resize annotation with holding Shift or Ctrl button
    Fixed a crash when use split view and delete image that is shown in many child windows of the split view
    Fixed a crash when open images with split view visible
    Fixed an issue with downloading from PACS via dialog and DICOM tags pane don't update with new information about patient name, etc
    Fixed an issue with showing last image in study when download from PACS. Now it will show first image
    Fixed wrong .dcm file icon when MicroDicom is registered to open by default .dcm files. It is regression from MDI to SDI
    New way to fix issue with no instance number when load images from DICOMDIR file
    Fixed an issue with ordering images in series, when files are loaded with DICOMDIR file
    Fixed an issue with truncated long names on title bar
    Fixed an issue with starting server in CD/DVD version

New version of MicroDicom DICOM viewer 4.0.0 is available.

  • New features:
    Added Send to PACS
    Added Accept Receiving Studies
    Added remove command to remove all patient from DICOM browser.
    Show error message if server can be started on running of application.
    Rework progress dialog and add status for sending images to PACS.
    Change the icons for add and remove images from DICOM browser.
    Added Remove button to the DICOM browser's toolbar.
    Added ability to remove image from DICOM browser.
    Rework DicomRequest hierarchy
    Made MicroDicom SDI instead of MDI
    Rework creating sub-folder on export. Added option to control the names of created folders.
    Added option to use original/generated files name on export.
    Exporters: Generate names of exported files.
    Select file in File Explorer after export, if the export produces a single file only.
    Don't create folder if there are nothing for export, when export DICOM to JPEG
    Added ability to export only current frame/plane when export multiframe DICOM image to DICOM.
    Added ability to show multi value tags in Overlay.
    Added Open File Explorer after export checkbox in export dialogs.

  • Defect fixing:
    Fixed a regression with copy to clipboard.
    Fixed a regression related with finding patient in DICOM browser.
    Fixed an issue with wrong title of application.
    Fixed a crash in DICOM browser.
    Fixed an issue with searching specific modalities in a PACS server.
    Fixed an issue when open SR on first open.
    Fixed an issue with calibration. Also saved calibration from setting are applied only in the calibration dialog.
    Phase1: - UI and backend without error handling.
    Fixed an issue with selection many times with the new UI of DICOM browser.
    Fixed a crash when delete image and the next selected file is SR.
    Fixed a gray static text on print preview toolbar.
    Fixed a crash when failed to open document, and we have already opened document.
    Fixed C-ECHO failing to MicroDciom.
    Use releaseAssociation of the scu.
    Fixed an issue with charset. Many DICOM files are with wrong constructed Specific charset value. We already handle this case.
    Fixed small issue with DICOM dialog layout.
    Fixed an issue with default setting value.
    Rework loading of settings.
    Fixed showing image that have different pixel spacing for row and column. We have to apply pixel spacing to width and height of an image.
    Fixed a defect with date view in DICOM browser.

MicroDicom DICOM viewer is fully Windows 11 compatible. Enjoy.

MicroDicom DICOM viewer run on Windows 11

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User feedback

"Good luck with development of this very useful app.Thanks for providing and keeping this great software and again, good luck with development of the future versions."

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